YML Parrot Cage, 2-Pound, Chrome

This cage is a good size for your cockatiel measuring in as 57”H x 20”W x 20” D with an overall weight of 29 pounds.  I looked at many reviews for this cage and this is what I found out.

cage for parrot
YML Parrot Cage, 2-Pound, Chrome

Why People Liked This Cage

As already mentioned this is a great size cage for your cockatiel.  Customers were pleased that it had a bottom shelf and that is was on wheels that actually worked quite well.

Other customers commented on how easy it was to open the door to get to your bird.

Another comment that came up frequently from customers was that they were pleased with the bar spacing.  They felt the spacing was small enough that it did not present any danger to their bird.

Many customers felt the cage was of high quality, finding the cage and the stand very sturdy they also found it easy to assembly.

Other customers loved the style of the cage.  They thought it blended well with the decor of their home.

Another comment by satisfied customers was that they found the cage to be very easy to clean.  It was a simple and quick task which they liked a lot.

Many of the customers did say that the instructions were not that good but found the cage easy to assemble without any instructions.

Why People Disliked This Cage

Now we have to take a look at the customers who were not happy with this cage at all.  

Following are a list of complaints made by unhappy customers.

  • Cage instructions for assembly not very good
  • Assembly of actual cage quite difficult
  • Cage not secure to base
  • Problem with main door closing
  • Food bowls too deep for a cockatiel
  • Bottom tray not flush with cage
  • Poor spacing between some of the bars
  • Cage was flimsy and unstable
  • Weak wheels and would not roll
  • Lack of customer service
  • Pieces don’t fit well together leaving large gaps
  • Cage arrived damaged
  • Kept slipping off stand


As you can see from  the people’s comments some people thought this was the greatest cage ever and others absolutely hated it.  The one thing that most customers did agree on was that the instructions that came with the cage were not that great.

I think a lot of the complaints about this cage were due to the fact that it was damaged during shipping.  My suggestion would be if you received a damaged cage it should be returned.  Do not settle for something that doesn’t meet your expectations.

Would I Buy This Cage?

I probably would not buy this cage because personally I do not like the design of the cage.  I prefer a cage with a flat top.  With a flat top the bird can climb on top of the cage and stay there much easier than the dome top.  Also you can put a playstation on top of a flat top compared to a dome top.

Cage Door

My other preference is the way the door opens.  I prefer a door that comes down like the old draw bridges.  I then keep the door propped open so my bird can easily land on it to return to his cage or he can sit there and just hang out.

Final Conclusions

I read a lot of reviews about this particular cage both pro and con.  I think a lot of the complaints were due to the cage being damaged during shipping.  If you do purchase this cage and have difficulty assembling it just make sure when you do get it together that there are no large gaps around fittings where your bird could possibly get stuck and injure himself.  Although we do like our birdcage to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye our main priority should always be for the bird’s safety.




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