Top Bird Cage with Stand

This birdcage is manufactured by Prevue Pet Products who have been designing and manufacturing homes, toys and accessories for our pets since 1869.

This particular cage is rather nice looking in appearance with a crown top and sits on a nice looking stand.  The size of the cage would be adequate for a small to medium size bird like a cockatiel.  The stand does have a shelf where you can store some of your bird’s stuff.

cage for small parrot
this cage for your feathered friend provides a spacious and sleek home.

Included with the cage are a couple of perches and a couple of hooded plastic cups.  There is also a pull out grille at the bottom and a removable drawer allowing for easy cleaning.  The front door has a unique feature whereas it has a smaller door inside a larger door.  This helps control the access into the cage.  The wire spacing on the cage is 1/2 inch which may be a bit too wide for some smaller birds.

Customer Reviews – Con

As with any product there are bound to be some complaints.  Most of the complaints about this cage seem to be about the stand that cam with the cage.  Those that complained about the stand found it to be quite flimsy.  Other complaints including the assembling of the cage.  Customers found that some parts did not fit together properly.  The majority of complaints though had to do with damage during shipping.  In all fairness to Prevue damage during shipping shouldn’t take away from the quality of the cage.

Customer Reviews – Pro

Customers that really liked this cage did emphasis one thing and that was this cage is not built for a big bird.   These customers owned small birds who their owners said had plenty of room for toys and enough room to stretch out their wings and flap around.  Some of these customers did a a bit of a problem with assembly but they did manage to get it together.

Overall Rating

Although there were some complaints about this cage I feel most of the things found wrong with the cage were due to damage during shipping.  For the price I would give this cage a 3 star rating.


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