Prevue Hendryx Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage Review

This is the Prevue Hendryx Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage Review for the cage that is black hammer-tone.  This cage actually comes in 5 different colors and the price varies because of the color.

Wrought Iron Bird Cage
Wrought Iron Bird Cage

This cage is constructed of wrought iron which makes this cage very durable and high quality.  The wrought iron is finished in a non-toxic powder-coated finish which adds to the quality of the craftsmanship.

The cage measures 24-Inch long, 20-inch wide, 60-inch high with 3/4-inch wire spacing.  The spacing between the bars is the maximum that it should be for the safety of your bird, anything wider and your bird could possible get his head stuck between the bars.

The cage includes 2 wooden perches and 4 stainless steel cups.  Two of the cups go inside the cage and the other two go on the play-station located on the top of the cage.

The cage also comes with a push button lock that will keep your bird safe.  The cage can be moved easily as it sits on a castered stand.

The cage can be easily cleaned by removing the bottom grill under the cage and the mess is contained by the seed guards on the cage.

So what did customers who bought this product have to say about this cage.

What Customers Said About This Cage

Many customers were very pleased with this cage.  They commented on the design and the placement of the dishes and the door.

Customers Reviews Pro

  • This is a good cage. Well thought out design and good placement of the dishes, doors etc.
  • Built in seed guards catches a lot of the mess generated by the bird
  • Love the playstand on top
  • Lots of room for additional perches and toys
  • Good price
  • Great customer service
  • Cage was well packaged when delivered
  • Assembly was relatively easy
  • Good replacement policy
  • Quick delivery

Customer Reviews Con

I looked hard and long to find something wrong with this cage.  The only complaint that people had with this cage was the instructions were not that great.  This seems to be a running theme with a lot of the cages.  I have come to the conclusion that bird people either do not know how to write up good assembly instructions or they think any bird brain can put together a cage!

Wrought Iron Bird Cage
Wrought Iron Bird Cage

Final Comments

As mentioned earlier Prevue, the makers of this cage, have a really good replacement policy.  One thing they also do is include touch up paint if the cage is scratched up during delivery.  I would say this company definitely stands behind their product.

This is a cage that definitely gets a big thumbs up.


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