Hi My name is Maureen but lots of people call me Mo or Brownie.  For as long as I can remember I have been an animal lover.  I have had cats, dogs, horses, a salamander, ducks and of course birds – cockatiels to be more specific.   Although I have a great love for cockatiels I never owned one until about 20 years ago.  Presently I have a male cockatiel.  My previous cockatiels were females so I wanted a male this time.  For some reason males are suppose to be easier to train to talk so that is why I went for the male.  I named him Binkie.

Binkie is a lot different than the two females that I had.  He does talk but it is not in any language that we understand.  He has a tendency to preach.

He can be quite cuddly but only on his terms.  If he is mad at you he lets you know.

Despite all of his bad behaviour I would not be without him.  He provides hours of entertainment and he is a great little companion.Binkie

These birds need a cage that will suit their needs.  Some people who have pet birds leave them in their cage pretty much the whole time while others like to have their bird out and about and interacting with them.  Your bird’s lifestyle will be a factor as to what type of cage he/she will need.

Birds that interact more with their human will probably need less cage toys to keep him busy while a bird in the cage most of the time will need toys for mental stimulation.

These birds are very inquisitive and very active.  They not only need physical exercise but they also need mental exercise.

If you are thinking of getting a bird for a pet then hopefully this site will help you chose the right cage for your new feathered friend.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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